What do you dress your baby in at night?

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Laur89 Wed 16-Dec-20 21:14:59

Hi all, what do you/did you dress your 7 week old baby at night time? Gro bag, sleeping bag, swaddle etc?? Just trying to find the best thing for my DS at night! smile

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Magicbabywaves Wed 16-Dec-20 21:28:06

Gro bags. I started as I meant to go on and DC3 I still in one at 2 1/2!

Laur89 Wed 16-Dec-20 21:35:16

Thanks @Magicbabywaves ! Is that the one that can either be a swaddle or a sleeping bag? They seem so expensive!

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polkadotpixie Wed 16-Dec-20 21:53:18

At that age mine was in a Gro-Snug, they're brilliant

BalconiWaferAddict Wed 16-Dec-20 21:56:38

At 7 weeks mine was in a swaddle - we moved to grobags at around 12 weeks. If your LO can handle the freedom of free arms, go straight for a sleeping bag - grobag is just the brand name. Saves you weaning them off it later!

pollysproggle Wed 16-Dec-20 22:12:45

A swaddle. He is still in one at 6.5 months!

alwaysmarmiteontoast Fri 18-Dec-20 14:41:11

Mine had a very strong startle reflex but liked having his arms up by his head; Love to Dream swaddles worked well from newborn to 16 weeks, then he went into normal sleeping bags.

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