6 month sleep schedule

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ArthursMummy5 Wed 16-Dec-20 14:26:57

My baby boy is 6 months old and he currently sleeps through the night (8:30pm - 7:30am).
How many naps should he be having in the day, what times and how long?!

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Hodge85 Wed 16-Dec-20 14:48:12

I have the exact same question! He's gone from 30 minute catnaps to really long naps all of a sudden, he had 1 hour this morning and just had a 2.5 hour nap! I don't know if he'll need another half an hour later or not? How often does your baby nap atm? x

MaMaD1990 Wed 16-Dec-20 15:39:10

Hi there, I would follow your baby on this one. If sleeping through the night, 2-3hours day time is pretty good. Some babies need more than others. Mine would only nap for 45 minutes at a time but sleep through the night so I'd never worry about naps. The only thing I would recommend is not letting them sleep too late so they're tired enough for bed. At 6 months, I would wake her at 5pm for bedtime at 7ish and now she's 18 months old, I don't let her sleep past 3pm. I hope this helps!

ArthursMummy5 Wed 16-Dec-20 16:14:03

At the moment, he wakes at 7:30am and his first nap is 10-11am, second quick nap is 1:45-2:15pm and third nap is 4:30/5-6pm and bedtime is 8:30pm! Obviously there are days where he naps longer or skips naps completely: I struggle with his 1:45pm nap. I have to go out for a walk or he won't go to sleep, but if he doesn't have the cat nap, he becomes very tired and angry at 3pm, but if he naps 3-4pm, he won't last until bedtime.
I know 8:30pm bedtime is later then what most people have, but it is what works for us and out current situation at the moment!

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Megan2018 Wed 16-Dec-20 16:16:22

I found 2-3-4 best but was baby led.
So first nap 2hrs after waking, second nap 3hrs after waking from first nap. Bed 4hrs after waking from nap 2.
Although to start with it was more 2-3-3.5 and some days none of it quite worked!

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