6 week old not going to sleep 1-2am

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theresaplaceforus Wed 23-Dec-20 21:30:56

I think maybe count your blessings with the long stretch and accept you won’t get ‘an evening to relax’ for some time. That’s parenthood as I’m also finding out (dd is 10 weeks)
It sounds like your little one is doing exceptionally well, my little one does a similar amount of time at night but from around 11pm but I would love for her to have a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. That sounds amazing

MummaBear4321 Wed 23-Dec-20 05:54:04

I have a 6 week old and she is fussy in the evening too. She spent from 7-12 last night dozing, waking, crying, feeding. Then the day before she slept from 10:30pm-4am. With a baby of this age, there is no 'routine' unless they create one for themselves. I was obsessed with the idea of a routine with DD1. It was a waste of time and stress. She eventually got herself into one at about 12 weeks. With this baby I am doing whatever she wants whenever she wants, and telling myself when she is awake at 2am that 'its all a phase. It will pass'. Just accept you have no evenings for the minute. Its all part of having a newborn. You will get your evenings back ..... at some point lol.

Ding123 Wed 23-Dec-20 05:47:46

I'm actually jealous. My 7 week old has been awake all night and its nearly 6am. I'm losing the will to live.

amymel2016 Wed 16-Dec-20 07:20:02

If you’re getting a long stretch of sleep at 6 weeks OP I wouldn’t knock it!! You’ll get your evenings back soon enough, I’ve just started putting my 6 month old upstairs in the evening

Emmaaa1990 Wed 16-Dec-20 07:08:07

That's just what young babies are like, mine was the same she would go to bed late usually no later than 11 tho. A routine at 6 weeks probably wouldn't work, I didn't get mine into one til about 12. I think it's something to do with young babies not yet knowing the difference between night and day. Keep going it will get better and bedtime will get earlier.

Laur89 Wed 16-Dec-20 03:34:21

I would give absolutely anything to get that amount of sleep in a row at that age! Currently with my DS who is nearly 7 weeks, and I'm lucky if I get an hour in a row! 😂

ClaireP20 Wed 16-Dec-20 01:13:47

A routine at 6 weeks? I've never done a routine with any of mine, just sort of gone with the flow, slept with them from about 3 months, shoved a boob in their mouth if they made the slightest crying noise, poor things. But at 6 weeks, they sleep when they sleep and it's so tough but it will sort itself out quickly. It's not them being awake at 6 weeks that's tough, it's the fussing on the boob and pulling and crying on it. Fussing on and off is perfectly normal at 6 weeks..it feels never ending but actually it's their way of making sure you produce more milk and seeking comfort. That will only last another week or maybe two actually. Just remember to feed as much as you can during the day, ignore anyone who tells you to put them on a feeding schedule, they're talking rubbish. The more calories in during the day, the thicker your milk will be during the night, and the less fussing they'll do. Xx


jellybeans7 Wed 16-Dec-20 00:58:40

My 6 week old breastfed DS is sleeping 7-8 hours a night but isn’t falling asleep until 1-2am! He’s fusses on and off the breast all evening so I never have an evening to just relax. He will sleep this length of time then wake up to feed then back to sleep for another 2 hours in the morning then another 3 hour sleep in the afternoon then he’s awake until early hours. Obviously it’s great I’m getting a long stretch of sleep and a lie in but I would prefer him to sleep earlier and wake up earlier so I can actually have a few hours in the evening to myself and the morning. I’ve tried early bath / feed and he will fall asleep then wake up 5 min later. Am I asking to much wanting to get a 6 week old into a routine? Or is there something I can do to move bedtime earlier?

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