Night terrors

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ElloElloEllo122 Tue 15-Dec-20 09:26:45

My little one is 22 months old and is having what I think is night terrors.

They started on Friday night, and has happened every night since. He has a cold atm, so wondering if that is connected.

He wakes up crying. When I comfort him like I normally would he goes mad. Pushing me away, won't take his comfort taggy, throws his dummy, pushes me, lashes out, cry's uncontrollably and is beyond reach of calming down. Last night it went on for half hour.

Whilst sat with him calming him down and he was asleep, but when I moved would wake, so I sat for a while. I goggled what had happened and it come with night terrors.

My brother had these as a child, but was older, more like 5 and his were completely different, so didn't connect the two as being the same.

Any one with experience of a child of a similar age having same issues?

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