Adjustment Period - Moving baby to own room

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LunaNova Mon 14-Dec-20 04:24:05

DD is 8 months old and we took the plunge this weekend to move her into her own room while my husband has some work. She was too big for her crib and constantly waking herself up trying to get into a comfortable position (she likes to sleep on her tummy). Sadly we can't fit her cot in our room or I would have been inclined to do that as I miss having her around!

Since birth she's been a relatively good sleeper, usually having a dream feed around 10pm and then waking once around 5am before sleeping through til morning (7/8am).

Last night, the first night in her own room, she rolled straight into her front and woke around 12am and then slept until 6:30am. Tonight she's thrown a 3am wakeup in the mix and now will not go back to sleep, I can't leave the room or she will cry (even though I'm currently sat in the corner where she can't even see me!).

I know it's an adjustment period for her and she seems to be loving the extra space to roll onto her front! How long did your babies take to "get used" to being in their own room? We've not really had many "bad" sleep phases (a couple of weeks here and there where she's woke every hour or two) so I've been confident it won't last long, this time I'm worried she'll never settle again (that could be because it's 4am and I'm tired though haha).

Just for info the bedtime routine has stayed the same, she sleeps in a sleeping bag and has taken naps in her own room since 6 months old.

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YorkshireIndie Mon 14-Dec-20 04:58:17

Can you cosleep? LO usually starts the night off in his bed and then joins H and I in bed when he wakes in the night. He would normally be here now but I got him back into his bed 🥳

It is hard and you have to do what is right for you

PenguinHuddle Mon 14-Dec-20 05:08:12

It's only night 2, give it time. I moved my little one at 10 months. The adjustment took less than a week. Kept the routine the same and his bedroom dark. Does your daughter have a teddy or a comforter? When my son wakes he will first look for his comforter and 9 times out of 10 this is enough for him to settle himself.

LunaNova Mon 14-Dec-20 15:58:22

Thanks guys! I think I was just needing a bit of solidarity at 4am when she wouldn't go back to sleep (even though she was clearly really tired!). She finally gave in to sleep at 4:40 and slept til 7:30 so she was awake for about an hour and a half.

I have considered co-sleeping but she's a bit of a fidget so on the occasions I have brought her into our bed I don't get much sleep haha.

She doesn't really have a comforter, when she was in the crib next to me sometimes I would wake up and she had reached through the bars and grabbed my hand to hold. She sometimes does this when she's sleepy but she can definitely fall asleep without it so I'm hoping it's not too much of an association.

I'm hoping it will continue to improve, she sleeps so well in the day in there and I had got it in my head she may wake more frequently to start off with but she seems to be sleeping for longer just harder to settle for the early morning wakeup (any late night wakeups she seems to settle easier). I can cope with multople quick wakeups but it's just lonely at 3am when they last an hour haha!

My husband is currently off work until early Jan so we've taken this opportunity because when she wakes up in a morning he will take her so I can go back to bed so fingers crossed she'll settle down in a few days. grin

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Mon 14-Dec-20 16:03:31

Pop a soft toy and a muslin square into her cot tonight so she is something to soothe herself with. The jellycat soft toys are fab and suitable from birth.

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