15 week old waking up 30-60 min after bedtime

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JLTomlinson Sun 13-Dec-20 21:53:31

Hi everyone! My 15 week old baby girl in the last week or so has started waking up 30-60 mins after being put down every night! It can then sometimes take a while to get her back down so bedtime is taking over our entire evening.

She usually has around 4 naps lasting between 30-50 mins or very occasionally 1.5 hours. She also has 4 bottles of formula a day! We start the bedtime routine at 6.30 and have her down for 7.30/8pm. She usually wakes for 2 bottles during the night, or occasionally just 1 and wakes up anytime between 6 and 8.30am for the day.

Does anyone know what could be causing her to wake up initially after bedtime and could offer some advice?


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Couldntthinkofausername24 Mon 14-Dec-20 21:14:38

My son was exactly like this around similar age. Every night he would wake after 30 kins crying. We would have to settle him every time and then he would stay asleep. He no longer does this however I have noticed if he stays up a bit too late on an evening and gets over tired he will stir around the 30 minute mark but get back to sleep. I always wondered if this was the reason all those months ago. Baby is now 10 months.

sleepslikeababy Tue 15-Dec-20 21:54:56

No advice I’m afraid but my 5 month old does this (and has been doing this for over 2 months). He wakes at 45mins - 1 hour after he’s put down, is settled back to sleep (quickly, thank god), then usually stirs again before he stays down for a longer stretch. During the 4 month sleep regression he did this every hour, all night, for weeks, so can’t complain too much about him now stirring before we even go to bed!

I thought he was overtired, then under-tired, hungry, I thought his bed time was too late, then too early, too much day-time sleep, then too little, nothing has made a difference. He seems to just slowly be outgrowing it. Last night he didn’t stir at all until he wanted his bottle. Time is the only thing that really seems to improve our LOs sleep.

Popgoesthebubble Wed 16-Dec-20 01:50:39

Mine does this and has done from just a few months old and still does it at 20m. It's somewhere between 20-40 mins. Usually bang on 30 mins. At the moment it's not every night - it's about half, it's gone through phases of every night, and occasionally just once a week or so, but I have no idea why.

Following in case anyone has any bright ideas

OhToBeASeahorse Fri 18-Dec-20 21:36:05

I would say its quite unusual to get a 15 week old down for that early - you are supposed to have them with you to sleep until they are 6 months.

jdy123 Sat 19-Dec-20 10:57:16

My 4 month old doesn't sleep once put down, she'll wake after about 30-40 mins and will need resettling. Then will probably do it again. Then eventually she'll sleep a longer stretch.
I was wondering if she will eventually grow out of this, hoping by time she's 6 months this might get a bit better! Nothing i do seems to change this and she's done it from very young. This happens whether she's sleeping on me, in her Moses in living room or in her next to me upstairs ...

JLTomlinson Thu 28-Jan-21 17:04:29

Once she's down she wakes at an appropriate time so I wouldn't say it's too early.

We also closely watch her with a video monitor for a few hours before joining her in the same room so I don't see any issue there. She will be in our room til 6 months

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Ohalrightthen Thu 28-Jan-21 17:06:38

Have you tried just keeping her up until the time she usually goes to sleep properly? So if she goes down at 7, wakes at 8 and goes down again at 10, why not just try putting her down at 8.30 or 9pmish?

BendingSpoons Thu 28-Jan-21 17:13:12

Sounds like she is treating bedtime like a nap. Mine did this at points, although settled fairly easily with a feed. What time does she tend to have her last nap?

jdy123 Thu 28-Jan-21 17:47:50

Just wanna say that my DD had kinda stopped doing this. Last night she went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake till half 9 which is longest she's done. So it seems like she is growing out of it. She's almost 6 months ....
I just kept persisting with the 7pm bedtime as that's what time I knew I wanted her to go to bed.

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