15 month old taking ages to fall asleep at night

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Hoian2016 Sun 13-Dec-20 07:04:23

So I’m a proud mummy to a fiesty, crawling (not walking yet) 15 month old little girl. We’re have a set routine for our day which goes as follows.
Wake just before 7am usually
Milk 07:30
Breakfast 08:00
Snack 10:00
Lunch 11:30
Nap 12:30 can be anything from 1hr30-2hrs 20
Snack 3:00
Dinner 5:00
Milk 6:00
Bath 6:15
Then story, sleep sack, white noise, lights off. She goes to sleep on her own with her mouse comforter and no dummy.
Just recently she’s started taking an hour or more to go to sleep. She’s not upset but is messing around her cot chatting and just not able to settle. This happens regardless of whether she’s had a long or a short nap. We’ve tired a slightly later bed time of 07:30 and it still took her an hour to fall asleep. I’m really at a loss. She’s having about 11 hours of sleep a night which I know is okay I’m just concerned about putting her in bed and she’s there an hour not being able to go to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you go about dealing with it? At the moment we just leave her too it. I’ve asked around on face book groups and have had various answers from she’s over tired to it’s developmental. If she’s overtired would she be crying when I put her to bed? because she doesn’t. She seems settled during the night and sleeps right through and is happy in the morning. A little advice for this first time mum would be fantastic.

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Coriandersucks Sun 13-Dec-20 07:10:50

Both mine were like this and my 2.5 year old still is. I leave them to it if they’re quiet, seem content, just processing the day. I am thinking of cutting his nap though as when we did this for eldest he fell asleep within minutes of his head hitting the pillow! But I woul think your dd is a bit young to be cutting nap completely.

Hoian2016 Sun 13-Dec-20 07:32:25

Oh yes she still needs her nap. We were laughing at her last night. She’s just learnt to say ‘Nana’ for banana and she was shouting this at 07:45 before falling asleep at around 8pm. I’ll just put it down to her having a busy brain then.

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