Toddler sleep!!

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Jwww562 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:50:06

How long does your 21 month old sleep? My boy is having trouble going to sleep at night. He still defo needs his nap cos he goes down so easy at lunchtime (around 12.30) and I have to wake him after 1.5hrs and he’s really grumpy... then I put him to bed about 7.45/8 but he really resists for hours. It hasn’t been long that it’s been like this so I’m hoping it’s just a phase but just needs some reassurance!!

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 12-Dec-20 21:51:06

What time does he wake up?

LittleMissNaice Sat 12-Dec-20 21:51:07

What happens if you don't wake him after his nap? Just wondering if he's perhaps a bit overtired.

Jwww562 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:51:47

Anywhere between 7.30-8.30

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Jwww562 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:52:28

If I don’t wake him he’s running riot at 9-10!

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QforCucumber Sat 12-Dec-20 21:53:40

At that age mine was an earlier nap (around 11:30 - 1) then asleep by 7. Slept until anywhere between 6-7.

QforCucumber Sat 12-Dec-20 21:54:01

By 2.5 he wasn't napping at all anymore


Jwww562 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:55:26

I should say, he’s not unhappy! Just chattering to himself!

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Jwww562 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:55:49


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Ohalrightthen Sat 12-Dec-20 21:55:50

I'd try no nap and 6.30pm bedtime.

AllTheNames Sat 12-Dec-20 21:56:12

Have you tried putting him to bed earlier?

I only say this because I've found that 1830 is the magic bedtime for my daughter (22 months). She sleeps the longest if she goes to bed then, and wakes around 0830. She has about a 2 hour nap starting between 12 and 1 depending on our morning.

When she was going/ goes to bed later than 1900 she doesn't sleep as well or as long at all.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 12-Dec-20 21:57:17

Mines always been an early riser so up at 6/6.30, napped at 12.30 for an hour and half at that age and bed 7/7.30pm depending on how active the day was.

Jwww562 Sat 12-Dec-20 21:57:42

What time does she wake up in the morning? X

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AllTheNames Sat 12-Dec-20 22:11:08

Not sure if you mean me but my daughter generally does:

1830 - 0830 overnight

1230 - 1430 nap

All give or take 15 minutes or so.

If she's had a crap nap/ no nap (which happens sometimes if she's teething or if we're out), I try to get her in bed at 6

firstimemamma Sat 12-Dec-20 22:23:25

My 2 year old naps for 1-2 hours then sleeps solidly from 8pm - 6amish.

tempnamechange98765 Sat 12-Dec-20 22:27:10

My DS is 21 months and he's hit and miss with his sleep. He tends to go to bed for 7, wakes between 6:30-7am, and naps 12:30pm for up to 1.5 hours usually.

He's usually pretty good at going to sleep soon after 7, but it can be hit or miss, and he often still wakes in the first few hours after going to bed and needs to be settled back to sleep.

ShinyGreenElephant Sat 12-Dec-20 22:28:33

Could you try an earlier nap? Mine wakes around 6.30, naps maybe 11-1 then happily in bed by half 7. Thats on a good day! On an excellent day she then sleeps through the night. However she's currently in our bed and only been asleep for 10 mins, we have a night like this nearly every week so clearly my routine has its flaws!

Sexnotgender Sat 12-Dec-20 22:32:49

22 months

Up at 6.30/7
Nap 12.30-2
Bed 6.30

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