7 MO night feeding

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rhubarbandcusted Sat 12-Dec-20 06:41:18

Hello ladies! So DS is my first, at around 5.5m he finally dropped his 3AM feed and just continued having a 10pm bottle (not a dream feed he still whinged for it). It was like a dream come true. For background we started weaning at 5m due to reflux and he absolutely loves his food.

Fast forward a few weeks and he starts teething, goes off his food, only interested in the bottle and the bloody 3AM bottle reappears. I attempted to move him in to his own room but it coincided with the teething and I though easier to keep him in with us for now.

Fast forward another 3 weeks (he is now 7M) and he's still taking this 3AM bottle and I'm like a zombie. My friend suggested dropping the 3rd nap which I started about 4 days ago so as you can imagine bedtime is a bit all over the place but he's starting to get a solid 2.5hrs nap per day over 2 naps and bedtime is creeping further past 6PM each day now. He's back on his solids and although there's no sight of teeth I think we're past the worst as his mood has definitely improved.

So, how on god's earth do I get rid of this night feed!!! And the 10PM one if possible. I'm not really up for cry it out but I do think he probably doesn't need either feed as he has plenty during the day and he's 7 months! 🤯 I'm going back to work in 2 months and I really won't cope with disturbed sleep so I'm keen to nip this quickly.

Any advice much appreciated x

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Pearsapiece Sat 12-Dec-20 06:49:29

My son didn't drop night feeds until about 10 months.
It sounds like your dc is either comforted by the bottle or because of teething, can't get enough in during the day. Either way, 7m is young to 'make' them do something.
I would ride it out. Its all a phase.

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