Feed every time she wakes

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crazybutkind Fri 11-Dec-20 04:59:01

This is my second child and I don't want to get into the habit I did with my first.
My first was a terrible sleeper and she is now 3 and still wakes once a night for some milk. When she was a baby we fed her every time she woke in the night and now it's habit and I hate it.
My youngest is nearly 6 months and wakes every 2.5 hours and each time she will drink a 5 oz bottle. She is now weaning and has 3 meals a day plus 3-4 bottles.

My question is should I feed her every time she wakes, she always drains her bottle in the night. I have tried cuddling her but she kicks off until she gets her bottle.

I'm frightened she will wake my other child and i think it's become routine once again.

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