4 month old waking hourly

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Glitterbomb123 Thu 10-Dec-20 20:41:15

I know 4 months is an awful age for babies sleep but oh my god! My baby is just waking constantly and the only way to settle him is to nurse him.

He puts himself to sleep every night and for naps - goes down awake and self soothes to sleep with minimal Fuss. But night times he will sometimes have a 3 hour stretch, then maybe a 2 hour stretch.. Then he's waking hourly. I can rock him back to sleep in a couple minutes but then as soon as he's lied back down he's awake crying. My partner can rock him back to sleep but as soon as he lies him down he's awake crying.

The past couple nights he has been waking an hour after I've put him down for the night!

He naps OK and he's chilled and happy most of the day so I dont think there is anything medically wrong with him and I don't THINK he's in pain.

Anyone had similar that can help? Pleeeease

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LividLoves Thu 10-Dec-20 20:49:13


This is why I started cosleeping even though I really didn’t want to. It was the only way. Google how to do it safely if you’re going to.

JessManc Mon 14-Dec-20 07:47:30

In the same boat! We usually end up co-sleeping from about 4am. It’s been two weeks of these wake ups now and I’m desperate for it to improve soon. Hang in there.

SleeplessinSW Mon 14-Dec-20 08:37:25

Yes! Exactly the same. No tips I'm afraid but with you in spirit and following along for any words of wisdom!

JessManc Thu 17-Dec-20 22:11:21

@Glitterbomb123 just wanted to see if you’ve had any improvement?

Glitterbomb123 Fri 18-Dec-20 19:07:47

Not really. I moved him into his own room last night and had the monitor on a lower volume, so I wasn't disturbed by every little noise. And I did manage to get him to sleep for a few 2 hour sessions. But that was about it! I can't really leave him fussing or crying for any legnth of time anyway as he could wake my older son who's almost 3 and a nightmare to get back to sleep in the night!

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JessManc Fri 18-Dec-20 22:06:58

Oh no, it’s tough... I spoke to a sleep consultant today. Most of what she suggested was what I’d already read on the internet, but it helped to chat through.

The main takeaways were:

1. trying a longer afternoon and lunch time nap, rather than the morning so she isn’t over tired
2. Doing a dream feed at 10.30 (even if at first it doesn’t seem like it’s working)
3. Not feeding her to sleep when she wakes up and just patting a land shushing. A bit of controlled crying is probably going to be involved here.
4. Not giving her any porridge (which we had just given her to try - she seems to love it and all the packaging says from 4 months but apparenits actually not easy to digest)

Not sure if that’s helpful. Not quite the same as having another child but I hate the thought of the screaming baby waking my neighbours at 3am, but I’ve figured better to have three nights not noise for better sleep in the long run...


jdy123 Sat 19-Dec-20 10:52:19

My 4 month old recently just starting waking hourly. It's hard work.
She seems to have stopped now waking as much but still wakes up really early so we seem to be co sleeping from about 4-5am to get her to go a bit longer.
I'm hoping I'll get more sleep once move to her own room as I'm waking at any slight stir and I think that's then waking her up more as I'm moving around trying to get comfy !

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