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Lilswan21 Wed 09-Dec-20 17:06:19

Just after some advice regarding cuddling to sleep. DD is 5 months old and is a great sleeper with the exception of teething. However, the only way she will fall asleep to begin with is being cuddled. Does anyone have any tips/tricks on getting her to fall asleep in her cot rather than in my arms. She has been formula fed from birth and has slept through the night from 5/6 weeks.


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LBB2020 Wed 09-Dec-20 19:26:33

Is there a reason you don’t want her to fall asleep while you are holding her? If she’s sleeping well why change it?

twittwootwittwoo Wed 09-Dec-20 19:29:40

If it's not broke, don't fix it

Mmsnet101 Wed 09-Dec-20 19:31:12

My advice would be if it's not broke don't fix it! Getting that amount of sleep is great and sleep regressions/teething can really mess with the best of sleepers.

My DD is 15m and still cuddled to sleep, she's been walking since 9m and hasn't stayed still long enough for a cuddle since before that so I enjoy the cuddles while I can! She goes to nursery 3 days per week and they cuddle her to sleep too as she doesn't take long to go down so don't feel you have to change it for that either.

She's starting to self soothe a bit so don't think it'll be long til she doesn't want held anymore.

OverTheRainbow88 Wed 09-Dec-20 19:55:31

I cuddle my 2 year old to sleep and once he’s asleep I hold him for about ten more min.. it’s the only peaceful time I get with him and a cuddle..!

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