Growing pains

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flyingkiss Tue 08-Dec-20 10:34:27


My Dd is 6 years old. Since almost 6 months she is having tremendous leg pains which gp said is due to growing pains. She wakes up in the middle of the night and is not able to sleep for hours due to this. Doctors said to do oil massage (i used coconut oil) and keep feet in warm water before bedtime. I tried but it didn't help much. Recently i started applying iodex to her feet (that's where most pain is) and it did help.

Although i notice that if i apply a very small amount she still wqkes up once the effect goes off. Hence i need to apply it generously. I am quite worried as to its long term effect as she is only 6 and don't want to continue applying it on a regular basis.

Anyone had a similar experience can you please suggest anything more natural that I can use to help her. I read somewhere to use sesame oil but haven't tried it.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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IsolaPribby Tue 08-Dec-20 10:37:44

My DD is now 10, and has had growing pains in her legs for about 5 years. It is currently not as frequent as it can be. I give her Calpol, and that does take the edge off, so she can sleep. Warmth also helps.

flyingkiss Wed 16-Dec-20 23:33:29

Thanks xx

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