Feel like 1 year olds sleep has just gone to pot!

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Kate3150 Tue 08-Dec-20 05:53:28

There used to be a bit of predictability with when he would wake in the night, but now it can be anytime and multiple multiple times!
We have a bedtime routine and he goes down pretty much the same time every night.
I thought (maybe naively) he would be sleeping through now. I’m getting 3 hours, maybe 4 stretch a time.
My Husband is brilliant, but DS seems to want me (or boob!).
I’m just so tired and wonder if I just need to ride this out or do something to help us achieve longer stretches of sleep.
Just to add he has a fantastic appetite, so he’s not waking for milk because of hunger.
I know this kind of thread has probably been written a zillion times but I’ve been up with him since 5.30 and felt I needed to get this off my chest 😂 xx

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