Baby will not nap!

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Heidi30Aug Sun 06-Dec-20 11:03:04

Firstly, let me start with the fact that I know I am extremely lucky that my 4 month baby sleeps through the night.. on average she sleeps for 12/13 hours from 7pm.

My issue is that my baby won’t nap. She point blank refuses, I have tried sleep routines, cry it out etc etc. I have tried to find the sweet spot of her not being awake too long, or not going to sleep too early.. i have tried winding down with music, putting her in her own cot. I feel like I have tried it all.

It’s not from a selfish point I want her to nap. It’s that fact that she gets really tired and grisly during the day without them and she gets really upset!

Any ideas from anyone who has been through this? Thank you xx

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Emmaaa1990 Sun 06-Dec-20 14:39:34

What's the room she would sleep in like? I found my baby loves it to be dark so
I brought a blackout blind I also
Brought a white noise machine this seems to help her sleep! Does she show you any sleepy cues? Rubbing eyes, staring etc? Mine didn't like napping she's now almost 7 months and we still have hit and miss days just mainly she will take 2 naps in her crib everyday now. Think it's just trial and error but it will get better 😊

Megan2018 Sun 06-Dec-20 14:42:18

I had a non-napper until 6 months, you just have to go with it. Nothing worked.
She started napping on a 2-3-4 schedule from 6 months until a massive regression just before 12 months.
Now much better again now she’s on a 1 nap (15 months)

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