Nearly 10 week old sleeps all afternoon?

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Reelaa Fri 04-Dec-20 19:21:01

Just wondering when I should expect a bit more awake time - baby is interactive in the morning after waking approx 8am for an hour or two, then has another nap around 10am, maybe half an hour to an hour and then I might get another awake period around lunch, but from 1am onwards he just wants to sleep and feed all afternoon, and seems so tired if I try and play with him after this time, and will happily fall back to sleep on the boob. Then will go to bed at 8-9pm after sleeping all afternoon and wake 2-3 hours for feeds. Is this normal? I feel like he doesn't get enough play time other than first thing in the morning!

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orangejuicer Fri 04-Dec-20 19:23:20

Usual 'all babies are different' message here but that seems alright to me. If he needs it then he needs it. If you otherwise have no concerns and he feeds well, I would just go with the flow.

FlyNow Fri 04-Dec-20 19:32:07

Sounds normal to me, mine basically slept all day at this age.

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