Gro bag help!

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MaisieMolly Thu 03-Dec-20 18:10:35

Hi! We’ve been given some hand me down gro bags in size 0-6 months. There seem to be 2 styles, a zip around the side with a round neck, or a zip down the front with a more v neck and a weird opening at the back. What are the differences of these 2 styles?? If I go onto the gro website the styles seem to have changed so I can’t work it out. Thanks!

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MaisieMolly Thu 03-Dec-20 18:11:47

One more thought.... Is one of them a “travel” style maybe? How does this differ if so?

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TenShortStories Thu 03-Dec-20 18:12:42

I've had a few (including both zip styles) but never with an opening at the back - is it for nappy changes?

MaisieMolly Thu 03-Dec-20 18:17:03

I don’t think it’s big enough for nappy changes. It’s about 20cm in length.

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LittleCabbage Thu 03-Dec-20 18:18:50

I think the back opening perhaps helps to check if they have pooed? If in a full sleepsuit, maybe just sniff in the opening?!

WilmaJean Thu 03-Dec-20 18:21:18

I think the back opening one is a travel one - something to do worth the seatbelt/harness? Not used the one we were handed down though so I'm afraid I can't tell you how it works!

Metallicalover Thu 03-Dec-20 18:21:55

Can you add pictures?
Is one a grow snug from birth? Then the other one the next size up? Xx


user1493413286 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:21:56

The one with the opening at the back and zip at front is a travel one; the open bit is to be able to buckle them into seats

user1493413286 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:23:28

I used both as I bought whichever was on deal

FelicityBob Thu 03-Dec-20 18:25:23

The one with the opening at the back is a travel one for the straps to go through, not for sniffing their bum gringrin

MaisieMolly Thu 03-Dec-20 18:39:36

Oh yes I can see the opening being good for travel car seat harness. Do you think you can use it just normally? No where to go with the baby at night time in pandemic world grin

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MaisieMolly Thu 03-Dec-20 18:39:58

I love the idea that it’s for sniffing their bum grin

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turtletum Thu 03-Dec-20 19:28:28

Yes its definitely a travel version for buggy/carseat straps. They can just be used normally too.

LittleCabbage Thu 03-Dec-20 22:01:12

Ah, I stand corrected! grin

ShinyShooney Fri 04-Dec-20 11:41:19

It's a travel one but I use it normally. It was a lot cheaper than the normal one when I bought mine!

You zip it down, so both zips are at the bottom of the bag and then you can leave a hole in the front to thread the harness through.

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