5 month old rolling at night

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Hodge85 Thu 03-Dec-20 02:34:52


My 5 month old started to roll from back to front over a week ago and now it's all he wants to do. I make sure he gets plenty of time to practice during the day however at night he tries to roll into his front. Yesterday morning I woke to him being on his front and just now I could hear shuffling and he was trying to get on his front again. He hasn't mastered going from tummy to back yet so I'm worried he'll end up stuck. I'm not awake worried he'll try again. Do I just leave him? x

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lemorella Thu 03-Dec-20 03:50:59

As long as you put him down to sleep on his back and have a nice clear cot, with secure fitted sheet and flat mattress, with no blankets, toys or bumpers then he is as safe as can be. I also personally would not be using a swaddle of any sort which restricts his arms. A baby grow bag is safest with free arms.

If you feed him then put him back onto his back but otherwise don't keep waking to roll him, he'll be just fine smile

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