Tips on not waking the baby!

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november90 Wed 02-Dec-20 21:07:27

He is 6.5 months old and we share a bedroom as I'm currently living at my parents with my other son and we do not have another room for him. I'm actually so happy to continue to share a room with him, I love being so close to him ❤️
Anyway, he's a very poor sleeper and will wake up every single time I come in my room to go to bed... no matter what! I'm just after some tips/ideas on what I can do to stop waking him. Obviously I'm as quiet as possible... I don't even know how I could be any quieter!!

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welshweasel Wed 02-Dec-20 21:07:52

White noise?

Orangedaisy Wed 02-Dec-20 21:09:02

Just give up and go to bed when he does.

Flackattack Wed 02-Dec-20 21:10:46

Ewan the sheep?

november90 Wed 02-Dec-20 21:16:40

@Orangedaisy haha I've considered this but I have to put my eldest to bed etc after 🙈
I have a sheep and a projector but they stop before I come in and seem to wake him up even more when I randomly put them on!

He's just SUCH a light sleeper!!

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GlitterandBalloons Wed 02-Dec-20 21:27:29

You may habe already tried bu could you leave the door open with no lights on upstairs whilst you are downstairs so theres less clicks/knocks as opening and closing? This would unfortunatly require any loo trips in the dark until get inside of the bathroom to turn light on if no downstairs loo.
Or is there a way to rearrange the room so cot is as far away from where you will be moving around as possible?

GlitterandBalloons Wed 02-Dec-20 21:27:56

But not bu smile


Dollywilde Wed 02-Dec-20 21:29:08

If you got a white noise machine you could put it on a timer plug socket to clock off at a certain time once you know you’re in bed?

Sweetpea1532 Wed 02-Dec-20 21:36:17

The best way I found to not wake up my DC is to make sure there was lots of noise going on when I put them in their cots and then continued to make noise while they slept. Our brains learn how to dismiss sounds that we hear frequently, it's the ones that we don't hear regularly that alert the brain...(think people that live near the motorways or train tracks..) .. A loud sound machine does the trick to drown out normal noises,too.
Try it, might just work! Or if it doesn't, not much lost anyway.

Dillybear Thu 03-Dec-20 15:38:26

I would play white noise constantly, that way it’ll mask some of the noises you make when you come into your room. Also keeping the noise continuous should mean that when he stirs in his sleep the conditions around him are the same as when he went to sleep which can improve sleep. I think the advice generally around white noise is to have it on all night.

november90 Thu 03-Dec-20 16:41:37

Thanks everyone, such a good idea about the continuous noise. I've bought a dream egg off Amazon which is coming tomorrow so fingers crossed!
I also feel like he gets a bit cold. He has a sleep bag and a fleece blanket but we are costal and live facing the sea so our room does catch the cold. What do you guys use for bedding? I can't remember what age my eldest have a thicker duvet/blanket!

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