DD 3, Cry Hysterically For Toilet At Night. Got Sleep Training To Blame?

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coclala Wed 02-Dec-20 21:02:20

DD is 3. She drinks about 300ml of milk before bed. She doesn't drink much water during the day at school so I don't stop her having milk before bed.

Potty trained 9 months ago. Since then she cried every night, sometimes hysterically when she wanted to go to toilet at night. She would cry non stop but not actually going to the loo. I guess she's very sleepy but she also feels wee wee so she would continue crying. Escalate her level of madness until she woke up 20 minutes later. Then crying to do a wee wee with me. If I don't stand in front of her she would continue crying. For 2 occasions I took her to a better sound proof room, let her cry. She would go to toilet with no fuss for a couple of days after then go back to the old story again. For once I ignored her she wet the bed. For another time she refused to sit on toilet after made the way to the bathroom so she wet the floor.

I couldn't get her sorted. I often blame myself did sleep training when she was 6 months old. She used to wake up around 3am or 4am and we would let her cry everyday for a few months. Then finally she could sleep on her own. She now cry for night wee wee just like she used to cry for mummy at night.

I feel guilty about it. I want to help my daughter stop crying at night. Any good ideas?

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mooncakes Wed 02-Dec-20 21:17:07

Stop giving her 300ml of milk before bed? That's a crazy amount.

FestiveChristmasLights Wed 02-Dec-20 21:19:04

Staying dry at night is a hormone a child has no control over. You sound like you are making it stressful and unpleasant for her. She’s three.

Sandcastles09 Wed 02-Dec-20 21:20:51

Does she have a pull up on at night? If not she might be worried about wetting the bed. If she’s done that before and without meaning to you have reacted crossly she may be scared to do it again.
Could you put a potty in her room just at night so she can get up and use it independently? This might reassure her that it is there when she needs it and she doesn’t have get so anxious? In the day you could role play/ talk to her/ draw pictures about what she needs to do when she wakes up so that she understands. Maybe have a reward for the morning if she goes on her own.
If it’s attention seeking I think you just have to ride it out, getting up when she calls but staying as calm and unexciting as possible. Hope you manage to sort it out x

bumpertobumper Wed 02-Dec-20 21:27:15

Put her in a nappy, or lift her for a wee when you go to bed.
Being potty trained a d being dry at night are two separate processes. Some kids aren't dry at night until 5/6/7.
Be kind to her, reassure her, don't leave her to cry alone, you need to spend the time with her until she feels safe and secure enough to sleep.

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