Best dummy to stay in mouth at night

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AutumnBabyWinterMummy Wed 02-Dec-20 14:57:57

I'm hoping someone can help me!

My baby (8weeks) her dummy keeps falling out as she falls asleep but before she's in a deep sleep so this then wakes her up and gets her in a bit of a state

So just wondered does anyone know of any dummies which stay well in baby's mouth but which are also othadontic ones?

Thank you, hoping someone can help!

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Magpie21 Thu 03-Dec-20 19:57:06

@AutumnBabyWinterMummy Hi! I think it depends on the baby but my LO gets on well with the Mam dummies. My LO had a batch patch with the dummy coming out a lot at 2 months old but is so much better now. Nowadays I'm putting it in around 1/2 a night, so hopefully you find the situation gets better with time! ☺️

Magpie21 Thu 03-Dec-20 19:58:05

P.s. LO is 5 months old now!

AutumnBabyWinterMummy Thu 03-Dec-20 23:08:44

Thank you for replying! We are using mam at the minute but have just ordered another type which also mam hoping may help! X

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MuchTooTired Thu 03-Dec-20 23:11:56

We used the tommee Tippee orthodontic ones which were great. Never fell out of DS’s mouth, although he went through a phase of pulling it out of his mouth and crying because he couldn’t put it back in yet!

ShinyShooney Fri 04-Dec-20 11:38:55

The dummy should fall out. Baby's mouth should relax when they are asleep. Dummy should just be to put them to sleep and then should fall out. You don't wan't one to stay in, that's against safe sleeping guidelines. You have to just reinsert if she wakes until she can put it back in herself. Or just don't use one.

mimmi91 Tue 08-Dec-20 13:48:29

This is my current problem as well! My almost 11w old daughter can only fall asleep while breastfeeding or while sucking on her dummy. We tried several brands when we first wanted to give her one at 2/3w and the MAM ones are the ones she's taken to.

Problem now is, we're trying to get her to fall aslep in her cot at bedtime rather than in our arms. This only works if she can suck on her dummy ; but it literally takes her over an hour to fall asleep (despite being very tired) because she keeps losing it and starts to fuss until we pop it back in. And sometimes this happens in the middle of the night, which is even worse.

Last night we tried to get her to sleep without it, by rocking her and stroking her face and she cried hysterically for 2 hours. HELP!!

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