So 5am wakings? Just a phase?

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Kate3150 Tue 01-Dec-20 07:24:30

I’ve seen lots and lots of threads on here about DC waking at 5am.
Unfortunately my 11 month old has been doing this for the last couple of weeks and I’m in a pickle. He seems raring to go when he wakes up but is clearly tired as he’s ready to go back to sleep at 7am, so not really worth him waking so early.
I try and get him back down at 5am but it’s impossible (he’s such a wriggler). Also tried bringing him in our bed but he thinks it’s a game and wriggles all round our bed so that doesn’t work either.
Can anything be done or shall I just relax and ride it out? X

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Bramblecrumble Tue 01-Dec-20 07:31:24

Ik, I had 5am waking at a 2 year sleep regression, no going back to sleep at 7 at that age. I didn't do anything to sort it out specifically but I'm an early bird so often am getting up not much later. When it goes on longer than a week it is a pain. . thinking back to 11 months... 2 or three naps at that age? possibly making sure their tiered in the evening. I followed for a while no falling asleep after 3, definitely no sleep at 5pm. I think my child had a short nap at about 8am, 2 hour nap at 10 than a short nap in the afternoon. And I think woke twice in the night but went back to sleep.

Kate3150 Tue 01-Dec-20 07:53:12

@Bramblecrumble- thanks for replying.
He has 2 naps a day and goes to bed between 7.30pm-8pm.
Naps are quite variable but sleeps no later than 3.30pm in the day.
I worry he’s not sleeping enough at night but don’t think I could get him down any earlier.
I’ll have to turn into an early bird then by the sounds of it lol x

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Bramblecrumble Tue 01-Dec-20 19:46:15

That's 9 hours a night, which my daughter has done most of her life, all babies are different, have different sleep requirements. Some do 12 hours at night and less day naps.

hellolittlebaby Tue 01-Dec-20 19:47:56

My 11 month old does this if she's napped too much in the day.

She sleeps through if I limit her daytime naps to 2/2.5 hours total and does about 10.5 hours at night.

firstimemamma Tue 01-Dec-20 19:55:08

My ds slept 7-7 from 12-18 months then at 18 months just decided he preferred 4:30-6 as a wake up time. Then at 2 he changed his mind and went back to 7 of his own accord! We did try doing things e.g taping bin bags to the windows but it achieved fuck all! We were never prepared to leave him to cry. Gave up trying and rode it out then at 2 he just decided to change back.

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