HELP 2 Year Old

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KMS8985 Mon 30-Nov-20 07:55:56

My 28 month old son has always been a good sleeper and this hasn't changed with the amount of sleep he has.
He now won't let me leave the room until he's fallen asleep.
I've left him to settle himself and that resulted in nearly an hour of screaming himself to sleep and I didn't like doing that.
He wakes now at about 1am screaming mummy and I have to come into the room until he falls asleep again.
I haven't changed his night routine he still has his bath book and sips of water sometimes some toast and then bed.
What can I do?!!

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Hill1991 Mon 30-Nov-20 09:26:40

My son did this about the same age to the point we got him a low single bed that if he did cry we could get in bed with him and settle him back down quickly so everyone got some sleep, I think it was just a phase as after a few months he just randomly went back to sleeping through.

KMS8985 Mon 30-Nov-20 11:03:15

Hi Hill1991,

Thank you for your message. I do hope it passes!! Deffo need the sleep lol.
Yes I need to get him bed.
Thanks again for your message x

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Hill1991 Mon 30-Nov-20 12:10:07

That's alright I know how hard that stage is especially when they've been previously been excellent sleepers, you just got to do what you can to get some sleep and hope it passes soon

Missingthebridegene Mon 30-Nov-20 23:24:14

At this age I guess they're becoming more aware with more capacity to feel scared hence abit of separation anxiety. Have you tried a night light? X

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