How to get a bit of time in the evening with 7 week old

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mrsmcbitsy Sun 29-Nov-20 21:52:52

First of all I’m aware of how VERY lucky I am and am by no means complaining!

My nearly 7 week old baby has been an amazing sleeper and for a few weeks now has been sleeping 7 hour stretches at night, usually around 12/1 until 7/8am, this is obviously wonderful and I’m eternally grateful! However, up until I put her down for bed my evenings are spent holding her while she dozes and feeds or letting her have awake time on her gym etc. I do put her down to sleep around 7 or 8pm, but she treats this like a nap and is wide awake and ready to come downstairs after 45-60mins, so I effectively don’t get any spare time in an evening (I’m putting my older son to bed in the time she briefly naps), which is getting a little tedious.

So, while I don’t want to rock the sleep boat too much when she’s doing so well, I would like to get her in her room for a 12 hour stretch of sleeping and only waking for feeds like I did with my son. Any suggestions? With my son we just fell in to a rhythm and while he woke every few hours, he would tend to go straight back to sleep.

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Doublebubblebubble Mon 30-Nov-20 16:59:02

Instead of putting her down at 7/8 try putting her down 5.50/6ish for her last nap,maybe

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