23 month old ready to drop nap?

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Mazzatron Fri 27-Nov-20 05:15:47

Hi here I am asking about my toddlers sleep again... starting to bore myself!

My DC has been waking at 4:30 for 6 weeks now. We've tried different bedtimes between 6:15 and 7:15 to no avail. The heating comes on at 4 now incase he was getting cold. He eats well so don't think he's hungry.

At the same time he started this super early rising he stopped napping alone. He will now only nap of cuddled to sleep but he then naps for 1.5 hours. He seems / looks tired throughout the day and will still have meltdowns the odd day but not often major ones.

What do people think about dropping the nap? It's going to be hard with him waking at 4:30 but is this what he needs to stop waking so early? He's always been an early riser and 5:30 was fine by us but 4:30 isn't acceptable long term!

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