2 day old rolling on side in crib.

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GingerM Fri 27-Nov-20 02:11:23

Hi Everyone. Need some reassurance and or advice. First time Mum here to a beautiful baby girl, and noticed tonight she has started to roll on her side when sleeping. I put her on her back and she does it again shortly after. She's making all her usual coos and gurgles which reassure me shes okay, and is generally settled.

I'm watching her like a hawk because I know the Lullaby Trust advice well. Older forums have recommended things such as sleepyhead and blankets to position baby which are also advised against now...

Short of just never sleeping and moving her on her back all night I'm not sure what to do. She hasn't rolled onto her front, and does occasionally roll back to her back and then on side again.

Anyone experienced similar? I wasn't expected her to be able to do this at only 2 days old. hmm

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EnglishRain Fri 27-Nov-20 02:57:55

My DD did this. It's basically because their heads are so heavy that they can do it. I hadn't expected her to be able to either! It got better as the days went by, but we ended up co sleeping and she doesn't really move much in her sleep at all now (four months old).

Sairafina Fri 27-Nov-20 18:50:01

My 3 1/2 week old does this. I spoke to our pediatrician and she said to always put him on his back when we lay him down to sleep but it is unrealistic to spend the whole night watching him to reposition!

The bassinet we use has mesh sides so if he does squish his face up it should be OK.

We also use a dummy at night which reduces SIDS risk and swaddle him with his arms out so he can push himself over if needed

TheDinosaurTrain Fri 27-Nov-20 18:55:20

My 3 day old did this, it scared the living daylights out of me. He went on to commando crawl / drag himself across the room at 8 weeks old and hasn’t stopped being a climber since, but he’s still alive at 5! I’ve just gained plenty of grey hairs grin

Seriously though, I used to start him off on his back and he’d always roll over because he preferred his tummy, but he could get back again and I think I just lived in a constant state of v light sleep because I was obsessed with his breathing

FurryGiraffe Fri 27-Nov-20 19:05:30

Mine both did this from day one. Every time. Put them down on their backs and they'd be over on their sides. They'd then wiggle and wiggle until they ended up on their tummies somehow.

I spoke to the midwife with DS1, who pointed out that as he could roll on his own, there wasn't a lot I could do, short of never sleeping! I bought a monitor with a breathing sensor to go under the mattress, which I found quite reassuring.

Like TheDinosaurTrain mine were both early crawlers, and they could both roll both ways very early too.

GingerM Fri 27-Nov-20 19:29:44

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. She's in a Next2Me crib so sense she could be rolling towards us but we're still getting to know eachother. We start her off with a dummy which creates reassurance, let's see what the next night brings. I'll discuss with my midwife at our next appointment. For tiny little things they're surprisingly strong!

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FurrySlipperBoots Fri 27-Nov-20 19:39:32

I trained as a maternity nurse a couple of years ago, and it was recommended we roll a towel into a sausage shape and place it in a 'U' around baby, underneath the cot sheet, and from armpit to armpit under their legs, so unlike a sleepyhead or whatever so their face wasn't at risk of getting covered.


GingerM Fri 27-Nov-20 20:13:41

That's a brilliant tip FurrySlipperBoots. Thanks for sharing x

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MooseBreath Sun 29-Nov-20 07:35:09

DS did this from day 1! Our HV said it was totally fine and that we could roll him back if we noticed, but otherwise not to worry. DS is now 6 months and sleeps exclusively on his tummy despite me always laying him on his back! The second I put him in the cot, he rolls onto his front and passes out.

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