Recommendations for a reclining chair suitable for napping in?

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curiouscat1987 Thu 26-Nov-20 16:19:48

First off sorry if this is the wrong board and feel free to move it mods!

I need a chair for a nursery that'll recline (doesn't need to be flat though, just enough for us to be able to snooze in if the baby wont settle). All the ones I've seen online are either office type looking spinnable chairs, or really really squat and bulky looking and plain unattractive! I'd like to be able to move the chair into our living area afterwards so would like it to look half decent (appreciate thats a subjective opinion though!).

Anyone got any recommendations for chairs that worked well for them for sitting with a baby and also for napping in? I was thinking of something like this but am very open to suggestions!

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