5 wk old waking after 20 mins

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Bubblebox Thu 26-Nov-20 02:22:38

Every night it's the same.
Snoozes downstairs until I go up to bed and then a quick change and breast feed in bed. Baby falls asleep and then is awake crying 20 minutes later.
It then takes ages (I have been trying since 11:30) to get him back into his crib.
Any ideas of how to solve this? I am knackered.

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Needmoresleep123 Thu 26-Nov-20 05:45:17

First few weeks are so hard. All quite normal. Babies still think they are part of you. Try warming the crib, putting something smelling of you in there, white noise, swaddling. Also google 4th trimester. Really helped me . It will get easier!

MagicMatilda Thu 26-Nov-20 05:49:46

Pretty much try everything Needmoresleep123 suggested! Ewan the sheep was a miracle worker as was a next to me crib instead of Moses basket, things changed over night when we swapped.
This stage passes very quickly, things get so much better soon

Harriedharriet Thu 26-Nov-20 05:56:12

The baby is soooo young and probably feels weird and a bit scared being away from home = your womb. He is probablly also missing the sound of your heartbeat. Sound now must be strange and "open", not muffled at all. Very hard for you. AND him If you have a dp elbow them and get them to hold on to baby while you get some rest. It will be like this for a while so REALLY learn now to ask for the help you need. It is rarely offered smile Enjoy your baby.

GLTM Thu 26-Nov-20 05:57:57

Are they thrashing about, it could be reflux disturbing them. If so this can be related to cow's milk and soya intolerance. Perhaps take a video and speak to your GP. Good luck

Bubblebox Thu 26-Nov-20 12:38:14

I should have said in the op. We are already swaddling and using white noise. There is a muslin in the crib that I transfer him in and out with so that it is warm and smells of me.
I remember DD being similar but not for so long or so badly.
No thrashing so I don't think that it's reflux etc.
I ended up cosleeping last night which I know some people swear by but it's not for me.

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