16 months old terrible sleeping at night

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Km12345 Wed 25-Nov-20 17:28:27

My little boy has been in his own room and cot since he was 6 months old and he was really good , he would sometimes wake for a bottle in the night then so straight back to sleep. He would occasionally be restless if testing or unwell which was also resolved after a few days.

The last few weeks it has been a nightmare, he goes down no problem at 7pm fast alssep within minutes usually but then he wakes up a couple of hours later and he will not go back to sleep. The only way we can get him back to sleep is if he is in the bed with us , if I try to put him back in his cot he wakes straight up again. I Wouldn't mind so much but now he is waking at 2/3 am and even if we bring him in the bed or if he is already in the bed he is wide awake , fidgeting, sitting up , touching us, moving around etc and we are awake for hours at a time with this untill he goes back to sleep .last night it waa for 2 hours and its really difficult aa my husband usually gets up for work at 4.30am and he is suffering badly at work from lack of sleep

Can anyone give me any advise on how to get him to sleep through ? I've tried letting him cry it out but it doesn't work for him unfortunately and je just gets himself in a state which I don't think is fair on him.

Im working 4 days a week aswwll so we are finding it really difficult.

He stays at my mums once a week as she looks after him when I work and 99% of the time he is brilliant for her so I really feel like I'm doing something wrong as he use to be really good sad

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