16 month old sleep routine

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snazzytoes Wed 25-Nov-20 08:56:34

My DD is nearly 17 months and I'm so confused about her naps! Most days we still have 2, mainly just because I'm so used to having the morning one for me to have a shower and get my sh*t together! (I'm not a great morning person!)

She is generally quite happy going down for the naps, may chat a little in her cot but then drop off eventually. Although I have found the afternoon one has been getting later recently...

She's had the occasional day of having one nap, just because I felt like that's what she should be doing, but she would only sleep for about an hour and then be quite grumpy in the afternoon. We had a brief stint of her sleeping through the nights between about 10 - 13 months, but aside from that she's never been a great night sleeper.

So really just hoping for advice/other people's experiences of their little one's sleep at this age. Should we be aiming to shift to one nap now, or keep the two naps as long as possible? And how does anyone shower when only doing one nap?!

I should add I'm a SAHM, and we have no family nearby, so she's with me ALLL day every day...

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alwaysmarmiteontoast Wed 25-Nov-20 13:51:14

I can’t help you with the one nap advice but how about sticking her in the high chair with something to do while you have a quick shower? So she can see you and you can chat to her but she can’t escape? I’m on my own a lot with my DS and do it quite often.

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