10 year-old bedtime

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Nicknamegoeshere Wed 25-Nov-20 00:09:02

My youngest is complaining that I make him go to bed too early!

Here is the routine...

8.40 - 9pm: PJ'S on, brush teeth etc. I then go up with him until 9pm and we read / chat together (he still loves this).

9pm - 9.30pm I ask that he stays in bed but he can read independently if he likes. He has newspaper subscriptions that he enjoys.

9.30pm I expect lights off and for him to settle.

Does this sound reasonable?

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AldiAisleofCrap Wed 25-Nov-20 00:11:31

It’s sounds an hour too late. My almost ten year old is in bed by 8pm and asleep within 15/20 minutes.

DigitalChristmas Wed 25-Nov-20 00:12:10

At first glance it seems late to me. One of the key things is how early they wake. 8:15pm here for DS who wakes at 5:50am

Aquamarine1029 Wed 25-Nov-20 00:13:42

He's up too late in my opinion.

SleepingStandingUp Wed 25-Nov-20 00:14:50

Yeah you need to total the hours asleep and how many are before midnight really.
Does he get up early enough and easily? Is he tired and moody before bed?
I'd also worry about what he's reading just before bed if he's reading newspapers

Nicknamegoeshere Wed 25-Nov-20 00:15:41

I try earlier but the problem is it is far later at his dad's so he's used to later and struggles to settle much earlier if that makes sense? Dad also says it's a "baby's bedtime" which doesn't help.

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Nicknamegoeshere Wed 25-Nov-20 00:16:31

He gets up around 7.45

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SleepingStandingUp Wed 25-Nov-20 00:17:42

So 10 hours sleep.

How often is he at Dads? Does he get to sleep in there of it's weekends if it's much later there?

Nicknamegoeshere Wed 25-Nov-20 00:18:48

Exactly 50/50 (week on/week off). Not my choice, court enforced since he was 3.

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SillyOldMummy Wed 25-Nov-20 00:29:23

My DD age 10 goes to bed to read at 8.25pm, lights out at 9pm. She gets up at 7.30am so 10.5 hours sleep. I think 9pm is too late but I'm overruled by DH.

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