7 week old won't sleep

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Zlong94 Tue 24-Nov-20 22:04:18

Need advice my 7 week old has cmpa and is on neocate which is fine and has worked with her not having a rash etc but she does not sleep, she won't settle on me or my partner, in her next to me, in bouncy chair/rocker at my wits end I don't know what to do she is so overtired she just crys and then feeds then looks like she's going to sleep and then is wide awake and then wants food again etc
If she does sleep during the day it's 30mins max and then she wakes up and the cycle starts all over again, we give her a bath around the same time every night do a routine of bath, bottle, book/play, bed starts around 19 but does not sleep until atleast 22.
Have tried White noise and womb sounds but not luck, tried singing, tried being quiet
Any advice would be helpful really struggling 😭
She's getting a maximum of 3hrs sleep during the day (8am until 2300) and is then up every 2/3hrs at night from 23 until 8am so 6hrs in 24hrs

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MagicMatilda Thu 26-Nov-20 05:53:39

I got my husband to drive our DS around, he loved sleeping in the car. Not a great habit but could help break of the overtired/fighting sleep cycle. In the evening we could then transfer him to his cot and he’d stay sleeping

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