17 month old fell out of cot

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aijaine Mon 23-Nov-20 23:56:53

Hi everyone, would really appreciate some advice as I'm obviously just an idiot at this parenting stuff, my 17 month old daughter climbed out her cot and hurt herself, I put her back in with pillows all around just incase and she climbs out again in seconds. What do I do, atm I made a little mattress bed on the floor of one of our empty tiny bedrooms until I figure this out, but I check on her and she's asleep on the floor not the mattress bed I made up for her and she gets really cold. I can't let her sleep with us as I'm 8 months pregnant and that would be a disaster a newborn and a one and a half year old in our bedroom waking each other up. I can transform her cot to a toddler bed but I just know she will just sleep on the floor or fall off the bed even if I get a guard 😫 please any advice would be great xxx

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HerNameIsIncontinentiaButtocks Tue 24-Nov-20 00:24:18

You're NOT an idiot at parenting! Kids love to frighten the hell out of you.

Escaping from cots is absolutely expected. I had to have a chicken-wire roof on my cot because I wouldn't stop climbing out. Farm kid.

There's no other way of stopping her. So make it safe instead - convert to a bed, and then she won't fall as far. Or put the mattress on the floor until she works out how not to fall out, then back up to a bed.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 24-Nov-20 00:29:09

Do you mean you put pillows a around the outside of the cot?
I'm assuming the cot is at the lowest possible height?
Or as pp said lut her mattress on the floor and just let her sleep down there.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 24-Nov-20 00:29:39

Probably need a stair gate on her door though so she couldn't go wandering the house.

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