6 month old no longer linking sleep cycles - send help!

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cosymama2020 Mon 23-Nov-20 21:12:14

Our 6 month old has started struggling linking her sleep cycles and we’re now into the 3rd week of waking every 40 mins if she’s in her cot and we’ve resorted to putting her in our bed just to get some sleep.

There’s been no changes to her routine, she takes around 5-10 mins to get to sleep for her 3 naps in the day and gets off to sleep in her cot with us holding her hand, with minimal interaction. Usually takes around 10-20 mins at night time (not sure why it takes longer at night!)

I thought that maybe we were waking her up in the night (she’s in a cot in our room) but she’ll go down at around 7-7.30 and is waking up every 40 mins whilst we’re not in the room.

Does anyone have any advice to help her link her cycles or have been through something similar and could give me some reassuring words that we will sleep again? 😂

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MooseBreath Mon 23-Nov-20 22:08:55

No advice, but we are in the same situation with our 6-month-old. We're trying to stay as consistent as possible (to no effect!). Good luck!

cosymama2020 Mon 23-Nov-20 23:25:26

@MooseBreath at least we’re not alone! I read something interesting earlier that at around 6 months old babies start to learn that they miss you and that just because you’re not there, it doesn’t mean you don’t exist. Super cute but could be part of the reason for the wakings! Sending you sleepy baby vibes!

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MotherHaryy Sat 02-Jan-21 02:51:47


Just hoping for a follow up as my DD is in this stage now! Is there any hope?


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