13 week old catnapping in day and frequent waking in night

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LSY86 Tue 24-Nov-20 08:34:52

Its nice to know I'm not the only one πŸ˜… I'm pretty sure he's just had a growth spurt and he is trying to sit up and getting annoyed that he can't go where he wants bless him! Fingers crossed it passes soon for us all πŸ™‚ It makes it a bit more bearable that it's normal.

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Mialain Mon 23-Nov-20 17:53:23

M y daughter just turned 4 months also does, cat napping and waking up more at night, she started few weeks back, sure enough it is the 4 month sleep regression but it can happen before or after the 4month mark, i had just started gentle sleep training just before that and it was going brilliantly until the regression, i think it happens whenever they are having a growth spurt and reaching the next stage of brain development. Very very normal and hopefully wont last too long.

EL1984 Mon 23-Nov-20 14:06:43

This is what I'm going through too 😩 waking up every 1.5-2 hrs in the night and naps are only 26mins long in the day! To get a long one over lunch I let him sleep on me.
I thought I had a relatively good sleeper but now this has hit.

LSY86 Mon 23-Nov-20 09:25:57

Good morning everyone πŸ™‚

From about 2 week ago my little boy who is now just over 13 weeks has started to catnap in the day (but sometimes maybe twice a week will suprise me and sleep for 2 hours!) and he is waking more frequently at night. I try and get him to sleep around 7pm but quite often me or my partner have to settle him back down constantly for at least an hour. Sometimes he will manage 40 minutes and then need resettling. He then is unsettled/awake from around 4am onwards. I try and keep him in 'bed' until around 7am.

Is this normal?! Is this maybe the 4 month sleep regression early?

His first nap is usually around 8.30/8.45 but then it all goes to pot due to his usually short naps (he will suddenly wake up crying quite often at the dredded 40 minutes πŸ˜… but often less than that).

I barely had much sleep last night (again) so hope this all makes sense πŸ˜… I accept there will be some night wakings for feeds for a while but its only recently he is just waking up for no apparent reason.

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