3 year old waking at night

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bez91 Mon 23-Nov-20 03:17:45

After some advice re DD whose just turned 3.

After almost 2 and a half years of poor sleeping (mainly early rising) we'd turned a corner and she was sleeping well. She would get a star for her reward chart if she stayed in bed asleep past 6am. Then firework season started and it's truly been a nightmare, I have never seen a child so petrified so it started with her not even being able to go into her own bedroom, having to hug her to sleep as she clung to us in our bed which we've never done before, then we would have to stay in the room close to her bed with her to go to sleep. If she woke in the night we'd have to do the same.

Over the last few weeks we've built this up so we've been further away from her bed each night and eventually made it to sitting outside her door (for an extra star each time) but the last week she's been waking up in the night for no apparent reason other than to p*ss about, it's usually around an hour to an hour and a half she'll be awake for, not tell us why leaving us all frustrated and sleep deprived. Tonight it's been 2 hours with whiny still ongoing and the usual response to every question of "I don't know"

Is there a 3 year old sleep regression and any advice?

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