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Jigglypuffler Mon 23-Nov-20 02:14:16

My 3 week old is SUCH a noisy sleeper. When she's on us, she's generally OK, but as soon as we put her down she grunts, groans, strains and snuffles away. She's quite often totally asleep, but it's really hard for us to get any decent sleep. She seems to be worse when she's in our room in the crib (she has a moses basket downstairs), which is also very frustrating. My DH is back at work tomorrow so I'm extra conscious of the noise. I'm fully aware she's too young for a routine, I'm not expecting that from her, but oh my god I'd like a bit of quiet in the dead of night when I know she doesn't need anything! Can anyone relate!? Any magic tricks to help this pass?!

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firstpregnancy1 Mon 23-Nov-20 02:47:34

Some might not agree but I have a 4 week old and use an ear plug! Just the one though! I sleep on my side and so whichever ear isn't on the pillow , I put an ear plug in. I hear any whinging/crying or even loud snuffles so it doesn't completely block sound at all but it does mean that the quieter grunts and snuffles don't keep you awake.

It's not for everyone and I'm sure someone will come along and say how dangerous it is to not be able to hear the baby but with just the one ear plug in and using a foam ear plug, I can absolutely hear anything that's needed to be heard.

duckling3 Mon 23-Nov-20 04:14:45

My 5 week old is exactly the same. He makes so much noise in the night but he's sound asleep. I also find jts much worse when in his cot on his back. I have no idea whether there is anything I can do about it, I'm kind of assuming (hoping) its something he'll grow out of.

Needmoresleep123 Mon 23-Nov-20 04:27:41

My little one will be 8 weeks on Tuesday. Apparently it’s their digestive systems maturing, and goes by about 12 weeks. Saying that my little boy is less loud than he was at 3 weeks but still quite bad from 5am. No tricks, I think it’s another thing we have to ride out!

Avacadoandtoast Mon 23-Nov-20 04:48:40

My 4 week old is exactly the same - my constant googling has told me it should be gone by 12 weeks (as a pp has said) - I think we just need to ride it out!
Does it help if you hold your baby for longer after a feed? Help the milk all settle fully before lying down? That does help my one - but it’s a tough half hour after every feed holding him whilst waiting for everything to settle.

Jigglypuffler Mon 23-Nov-20 07:27:36

I don't think I'd be comfortable with ear plugs for me, but I might get some for DH to wear! At least that way I'm not worrying about his sleep.

She did go off quietly for an hour overnight - victory! Hopefully it does pass, if it takes 12 weeks then so be it. I'll have to take full membership of the 'sleep when baby sleeps' club in the day while it's bad and there's literally nowhere to go! 😴😅

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duckling3 Mon 23-Nov-20 11:19:24

Its good to hear this will hopefully calm down after 12 weeks. Fingers crossed. Do you babies do this during the day? I only really notice it at night time?


Jigglypuffler Mon 23-Nov-20 16:05:45

@duckling3 I definitely notice it more at night, but that's probably because there are other noises in the day drowning it out a bit?!

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Daisysandviolets Tue 24-Nov-20 08:42:02

My little girl is 9 weeks today, she was really bad for about from about 4 weeks! She still does it now but only seems to do it from 4am until
Morning. She has reflux too though which doesn't help! I use white noise as night as if masks some of the grunting x

Emmaaa1990 Tue 24-Nov-20 21:53:38

Haha this brings back memories! My baby is almost 7 months now but I remember thinking it's like there's a farm in our bedroom! I couldn't believe how loud a baby could be. Definitely settled down tho and then she was so silent at times it terrified me!

ClammedupClam Tue 24-Nov-20 22:00:42

My 5 month old DS was exactly like this - I kept picking him up to feed him and then realising he was actually somehow fast asleep. It was definitely completely gone by 12 weeks, and I think it improved significantly before that. From about 8 weeks it started later and later in the night, so at least we got some peace earlier in the night.

The only thing that helped (a bit!) was swaddling, but he was so squirmy he would burst out unless I swaddled him very tightly.

ELM8 Tue 24-Nov-20 22:03:18

Agree with previous posters, it does go. I think ours went about 10/11 weeks but my god the noise grin I ended up getting used to it in a strange way....

Jigglypuffler Wed 25-Nov-20 11:10:11

It's definitely reassuring to hear its normal, just another couple of months of no sleep to go then!

We've tried swaddling/tucking her arms in, the first night she was really settled but the second was ten times worse than normal, really very cross about it.

You just look desperately for a fix, don't you... Too hot/too cold/white noise/no noise/moses basket/crib/blanket/sleeping bag... We are thinking of moving her moses basket back upstairs (we have it downstairs for her daytime naps and a crib in our room for night time) as she tends to be more settled in the day. Hoping it helps a little 😴🤞

(although I swear she has a sixth sense for when our heads hit the pillow, and she'll be OK until the point where we finally try and lie down - why do babies do this?! 😂)

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Pinkhan135 Wed 25-Nov-20 11:37:39

My 5 week old baby girl is exactly the same. Constantly making noises whilst she's sleeping, currently doing it now whilst I type! I'm the same as you, at night I have to put one ear plug in as she's next to me in her snuz pod and if I didn't have the one ear bud in I don't think I'd get any sleep.
Hoping it's a phase and it passes soon!

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