7 month old wakes once every night- no upset just alert and noisy!

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Mummyinprogress Fri 20-Nov-20 22:55:01

Hi all. So my little 7 month old baby girl is great at going down same time every night (7pm) and shops girl waking around 6.30/7 and happy to wait in her crib until I go in at 7.15 each morning. My question is... every night without fail she wakes around 2/3am very alert, sitting up or fidgeting and just making a lot of noise... happy sounds not upset. Within minutes I go in and breastfeed her for about 15 mins put her straight back down and sure enough she settles off to sleep. Just wondering if she’s not crying, should I even be going in there? Does she need this feed? Should I wait to see if she self settles? I’m thinking it’s more for reassurance that I’m in the other room and that she gets a bit of contact... advice welcome!

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