Do 2.5 year old toddlers just go through a phase of bad sleep? Need help with bed situ..

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Lotsalotsagiggles Thu 19-Nov-20 22:42:19

I also need bed advice, we took the side off the fit a while ago but George’s sleep at the mo is just not consistent and I’m sooo tired!

We have to try cuddle him back to sleep but he wakes within a few mins and gets out of bed and then did try and lay on the chair sofa bed we’d put near by if we needed to ‘pretend to’ or actually sleep in there in get any sleep

He was getting used to trying to get in bed with us or get sleep on that ( but wouldn’t for very long) so we’ve decided to put it back as a chair as we think we’re we’re confusing him by having two bed options. Tonight he’s already woken twice since waking and takes ages again to get him back to sleep

Hubby and I can’t agree the best way forward.

A - just out the side back on the cot as we need to the teach him how to settle and self soothe back to sleep him self, but then will we have the same prob

B- preserver for weeks and try not to cuddle him as much as just hope he would get it

C- get rid of the cot bed altogether, skip a toolset bed and just get one normal single bed which could be his ‘big boy’ bed but room for us to lay down with him if really needed

What would you do?

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Fatas Fri 20-Nov-20 00:50:01

The longer o could hv even left my toddler in his cot o would have.

As it was I needed his cot for my then 3 month old. So I put him in a big boys bed t 2 years and 5 months. He didn’t notice for a while, didn’t realise he could get out of bed. He had been a very good sleeper) minus teething) until then. Anyway about six weeks on, major sleep regression. Wanted to come to our room in middle of night, kept getting out of bed at bedtime.
So we extended bedtime, more books talked through the day and let him be either very very dozey or asleep. After two weeks of is trying to get upstairs we installed a stair gate on his room. We then did controlled crying. 1 minute and go, two minutes and go comfort nd so on. The controlled crying worked, eventually he was self settling again too and wasn’t completely dosey or asleep when we left him. Settled back down lovely.
Until.... he was finally potty trained in the day. Now he doesn’t want to wee at night in his pull ups. He’s dry at night but it comes at a price- being woken in the night to take him on the potty. 😢 he’s now 2 years and 10 months and I’m bloody tired as between the baby and him they rob me of my sleep!

Disappointedkoala Fri 20-Nov-20 07:15:58

We ditched the cot when DD climbed out and got a proper single - she's very tall and actually being able to get into bed with her is much easier than squishing in a toddler bed or having to sit on the floor! I'm pregnant so it's been a godsend really!

Tbh, it's been fairly awful - multiple night wakes and early starts, she's struggled with any sleep changes anyway but this has been next level at some points! We got a gro clock and reward chart for the mornings which seems to have helped there (probably 4/7 mornings!). Stair gate on door so she can't just come out. Settling at bedtime is much better but has taken a couple of months of sitting waiting for her to nod off when previously we could just leave her. Some nights she sleeps through and other nights we have to go in to settle her. It's probably been 4 months now and it is definitely getting better but I miss a full night's sleep!

Fatas Fri 20-Nov-20 10:41:12

Ha @Disappointedkoala seems common that they find the transition difficult. Although it only took him 3 weeks to be back to normal. Now we have a different t issue! 😂

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