My 12 month old is awake for hours at night!

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Staceybemb246 Thu 19-Nov-20 08:30:34

About 3 weeks my 12 month old started waking up anywhere between 1am and 3am and is wide awake for about 2 hours! He doesn’t want feeding he just wants attention. The only thing I can do is sit with him until he falls back to sleep! If I try and leave him he just jumps around in his cot screaming and if I try and get him back to sleep in our bed he just jumps around using us as a climbing frame! Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve recently gone back to work and feel like this started around the same point. Help!

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Dillybear Fri 20-Nov-20 18:41:41

Any chance he’s undertired? What are his naps like?

girlmummy25 Fri 20-Nov-20 20:15:56

Yup my DD was exactly like this for ages but it wasnt every night which was more confusing. I done controlled crying which worked in 3 nights, she did start doing it again recently for about 3 weeks and then just stopped again...

Really feel for you because its so hard. Shes 18 months now

superking Fri 20-Nov-20 20:30:07

DS1 did this for a while at around the same age, it was bloody awful. Became a vicious circle as he then made up for it with a very long morning nap, whlch then meant he would wake again at night, etc etc. I was so tired I didn't have the resolve to stop the long nap, as I would use it to catch up on sleep.

In the end I just left him to cry - went to him when he first woke, but then put him back in his cot and left him to it. Within about 3 nights it had stopped. He didn't properly sleep through consistently till he was 18 months though shock but at least the long night wakings were over!

GeordieMamma Fri 20-Nov-20 21:52:43

Google split nights. It seems to stem from being over tired so they use the first half of the night as a big nap to catch up, then think it’s playtime. There’s a great lady on Instagram who shares some really helpful sleep tips and she’s definitely covered this before, her user name is twinningituk

BellaBellaBelle Sat 21-Nov-20 04:43:26

In the same boat here with my 13 month old. Just settling him on after 2 hours awake! He is teething though which I don’t think is helping.

From experience with my dd I would say this is a developmental thing and we probably need to just ride it out..... handholding though as it is really tough!

SpillingTheTea Sat 21-Nov-20 05:12:35

Could be another regression. We had it when my son hit 12 months he is now 16 months and doesn't do is as very often at all.


goosious Mon 23-Nov-20 01:46:37

My DD is 6 months (just) and has been doing this for the last week or two, it's a killer and is really getting me down as I'm not getting anywhere near enough sleep! She can settle herself for the beginning of naps and sleep and is beginning to resettle during naps. Recently she's been refusing her last nap of the day so I wondering if she's overtired from this. My question is what do you do during those 2-3 hours? I try and give her a feed as sometimes she'll nod back off but if I leave her in her cot she will just scream for hours, do you guys get up and should I let her play to get her tired again or will this just reinforce the night wake? Thanks

Mum2b2020 Mon 23-Nov-20 04:03:57

My DD is doing this tonight. She woke at 2.45 and won't go back to sleep. Husband made first attempt to settle herself, then I fed her and now he's back at it. She's just lying there babbling dada.
She's 7.5 months and probably started it about 6 months. We went through a rough couple of weeks when she was about 6.5 months and thankfully it's lessened since but we still don't know how to resolve it. I looked up that instant about split nights but it didn't really help as we knew she had had decent naps and wasn't over tired. Wondering it's because she's trying to transition from 3 naps to 2.

Op know that you're not alone but I'm sorry I don't know how to stop it.

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