Squirmy 2 week old who doesn't sleep

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iddybiddymum Tue 17-Nov-20 03:56:39

I have a 2 week old and I am BF. He constantly squirms after a feed or when he's put down - and more so at night. I haven't slept much since he's been born and the HV didn't seem concerned. She said it's too early to see if reflux, but to raise cot and wind ( which I do and makes zero difference). I though about dairy , so I'm limiting that but am having chocolate to get me through.

If he's on me he's fine.

Does this pass??

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Sandrine1982 Wed 18-Nov-20 10:23:35

Hmm I think this sort of behaviour is quite normal in the "fourth trimester," as their digestive system is still developing sad

Our DD had a bit of reflux, a bit of wind, also loved sleeping on us, hated sleeping on her back. Raised wedge didn't help much, we also tried the windy sticks a few times, this helped her fart it out but I'm not sure if they really made a difference in the long run LOL. We also had a phase - around 1-2 months, of her only accepting to sleep on her tummy. This was awful because we just couldn't sleep as we were worried about SIDS, so we just watched her sleep like this, waking every 2 hours.

Oh the newborn days!!!

Limiting dairy might be a thing if she's got a cow's milk allergy, but our DD was squirmy even without an allergy. That's just how many newborns are, and this has nothing to do with your diet.

Try to not get too depressed. It will pass. You've got a long way to go, with many ups and downs. I do hope that your baby will be a good sleeper when this period is over ;-)

CescaNicole Wed 18-Nov-20 11:06:41

My current 9 week old was just like this. SUPER squirmy and wriggly and grunting in her crib. The turning point was about 5-6 weeks and now she is fine. We used Infacol and Dentinox Colic Drops but I'm not convinced they helped tbh and have stopped using now. Worth a shot though?
We coslept (safely) to get through those first few weeks as she was more settled next to me.
If you decide to cosleep make sure you read up on it! The lullaby Trust is good to read.
At about 5 weeks old we could get her in her crib and she was more settled, now at 9 weeks she stays in there all night (wakes up for feeds but I put her back in there).

It definitely gets better.
My 1st wasn't a squirmy/wriggly baby but she woke up 4-5 times a night consistently until she was about 14 months old.
It's ALWAYS a phase. It's jus how long the phase will last..... 😅

Sandrine1982 Wed 18-Nov-20 12:24:13

Oh forgot to say ... we also co-slept in the first few weeks ... actually we tried not to sleep on the same mattress so we got a sidecar cot (Obaby Stamford Mini) that we attached to our double bed by strong wire around the feet. That way I could put DD back to her own "space" after the feeds etc....

I would definitely recommend a sidecar cot if you're thinking of getting one.

CescaNicole Wed 18-Nov-20 13:57:24

Ooh yes should clarify - by crib I mean "next to me"/side car that's attached to my bed.
When we Co slept she was in our bed with me!x

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