Lockdown sleep - Talk to me about sleep lights

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Mimmi78 Mon 16-Nov-20 12:47:50

DD is 10yo and sleep is starting to cause a real issue. I think it's the sudden loss of activity again and I think her mental and physical health are both affected.
She is sporty, super sporty. Usual routine is 4 x a week swim club (she is in a team), 2 hrs gymnastics (club), 1 hr athletics track (again club!) and she loves park run, going for a jog and making up little dances and gym routines with her pals.
We had problems last lockdown, the drop in activity caused her to feel low quite quickly and she was up pacing the floor in the small hours with insomnia. We have tried to up the activity but are both still working and can only fit it around school and work and well, everything else you do when running a family.
I've read about sleep lights, I wanted to tap into the Mumsnet minds and see if anyone has had success with them? She is not looking for someone to cuddle her or to get into our bed, she likes hers and has a great routine usually. Tell me about sleep lights that help breathing and calming the mind please?

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