Nights can be so up and down

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Olivia1987 Mon 16-Nov-20 00:46:29

During first lockdown I finally tackled my sons poor sleep. With some gentle sleep training with support from a sleep trainer. It was amazing. The first few nights I was up and down for ages but then his sleep got better. It took a month until he finally slept through for the first time. He was almost 2 years old by then. He’s slept so well since obviously teething has meant sleepless nights but other than that he’s been doing so well. It makes such a difference.

Anyway recently he’s started to wake up loads after 12am -2am. Like I’m literally up and down again. Sometimes it’s every 20 minutes sometimes every half an hour. He’s not teething as he has all his teeth now. It’s not every night either. Some nights, more often than not but last night he slept through 7:30pm- 7am and tonight he’s woken up 4 times since 11:30pm.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but his behaviour has suddenly changed as well. His tantrums have become much worse. They last longer and he’s very irritable. Playing with toys he used to love and still does he becomes extremely frustrated if something minor goes wrong (example- if he’s playing with his cars, he has this toy which his cars spiral down) if he drops a car he will kick off. Before he’d pick it up and give it another go. My mum has noticed his frustration to and said about it just being a phase.

I know 2 year olds go through things like this. It’s really tough. Would this coincide with his frequent night wakings? Any ideas.

Sorry first time mum, very tired, stressed and feeling helpless. Completely puzzled by this complete U turn. Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight. Lol

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