Disappearing chair with baby who can't sit from standing

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PlantDoctor Fri 13-Nov-20 22:33:25

Hi, apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't see anything.

Our 11mo DD has been a relatively good sleeper in the past, but this past month or so she's almost impossible to get to sleep and is very easily disturbed. She's either fed to sleep by me or rocked by DH, but she often drops off only to ping back awake and ready to play. This can honestly take hours at the moment, and it means she's shattered a lot of the time. We would also like to remove the sleep crutches, as she's showing signs that she wants to put herself to sleep (she'll put her head down and get into her sleep position, but never stays there long enough to drop off!).

We were looking at trying the disappearing chair sleep training method, which was also recommended by our health visitor at our recent appointment. The problem is that she's at the stage where she LOVES to stand up and thinks it's hilarious and impressive. Unfortunately she can't really safely lower herself down yet. During the day I make sure she can't hurt herself (I try to let her fall part of the way to learn but without being able to hit her head on the floor or anything), but how does this work with sleep training where you're not really supposed to engage the baby?

Does anyone have any top tips please? I did read one website where it said not to keep lowering her down as it makes it into a game, but she obviously can't fall asleep standing up and could hurt herself if she hit the side of the cot falling down.

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PlantDoctor Sat 14-Nov-20 15:53:25

Bump smile

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LittleAtlas Sun 15-Nov-20 09:37:31

I tried this also recommended by the health visitor and I was prepared for it not to work as previously he screamed as soon as put in his cot. But the first time took 45 mins to fall asleep and now he'll fall asleep sometimes in less than 5 mins and id say it took about a week to crack it.

I just didn't talk to him and every time he stood up I laid him down and said night night. He didn't see it as a game, occasionally he whinged at first but after a few times lying him down he starts rubbing his eyes.

Not going to lie, a couple of times hes tumbled and bumped his face but hes not hurt. I felt guilty though! I don't really have any tips, it was just persistence for us that made it work. It doesn't result in crying as I'm not leaving him alone and its less back breaking then rocking! The health visitor said if needed I could rub his back while he's lying down which I do sometimes if he gets upset and that helps.

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