Naps are stressing me out

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Vicks85 Fri 13-Nov-20 06:49:03

Hi all. Just looking for some advice. Recently I’ve got myself tied up in knots about where my baby should be napping. She’s only just 3 months and I’ve been through a few phases for where she naps - crib (hit and miss), rocking in the pram and now we have a swing she really enjoys. Does it really matter where she goes?? I’ve been beating myself up that she “should” be in her crib and that if she isn’t I’m only making things harder for myself in the long run. Should the aim just be to have her in one consistent place i.e. the swing. I think I’m stressed because the first month of her life it was so straight forward. Oh she’s tired - put her in the carrycot. But now she’s clearly more particular 😂😂😂

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Caspianberg Fri 13-Nov-20 06:53:08

Personally o think it’s ideal that they learn to nap in different places. Otherwise if they only nap in cot at home, you are restricted for years of being home at that time, and it would be a pain if you are out somewhere and they just won’t nap in pram/ sling or car.

My 6 month old has never napped in cot daytime as he just won’t go without getting upset, but he sleeps in there nighttime.

I used to log all daytime naps, and try a fixed time etc. It just made both of us stressed out, and is better now we just go with the flow. Some days he hardly naps, some days normal amount, others loads

Vicks85 Fri 13-Nov-20 07:29:27

Thanks for your reply. I was on the brink of beginning a nap log but I’m going to dodge it. I think it’ll just stress me out too!

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Thespottytortoise Sat 14-Nov-20 14:01:37

If they can nap in lots of different places, then thats much less restrictive. Trying to do all naps in a cot sets a dangerous precedent which means you may feel unable to go on day trips, holidays, even spend the day at a friend's house. It becomes a shackle.
Teach them to nap in a cot or a sling, or a blanket on the floor, or a buggy, and you have freedom and flexibility.

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