Help please! 1 year old won’t sleep without rocking

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Aish88 Tue 10-Nov-20 22:52:51

Hi there. Please I really need guidance as im becoming an emotional wreck. My dd was born with many health issues so i rocked her in my arms and let her sleep on my chest all the time so she felt comforted. When she was round 6 months my mother in law (who is not from the UK) said it was a bad habit and i should sit on the floor with a pillow on my legs and put the baby on my legs and rock her to sleep. It worked like a charm for months as she would fall asleep in less than 3 minutes and it was easier on my back. She is now 1 years old and it takes me 15-30 minutes to rock her, she’s become heavy and is resisting sleep. She refuses to sleep alone, i tried to get in the crib with her, she didn’t like that either. All i see online is the cry it out method and i don't know if my heart can take it. Is there any other methods i can do? Any advice will be helpful please.
Just a final note, she has a bedtime routine of dinner, bath, cuddles and kisses and relaxing music 7-8pm every night. She also doesn’t sleep through the night and wakes at 11pm, 3pm and 5pm. If she ate well i give her water if she didn’t eat well that day i give her formula but she needs to be rocked at least twice during the night.

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FATEdestiny Wed 11-Nov-20 12:49:43

I would transition first to cuddling her to sleep lying down but without rocking. You could either cosleep or use a sidecar cot (cot with one side removed, butted up to your bed). Aim to cuddle her to sleep and stay with her as she goes to sleep but then leave her where she is. The worse habit in rocking to sleep is moving baby once asleep so it's much better she goes to sleep and stays where she is.

Aish88 Wed 11-Nov-20 18:05:47

Thank you so much. I will try this tonight.

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Kevo07 Wed 11-Nov-20 19:20:19

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