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RoseAndBeeGirl Tue 10-Nov-20 19:39:05

Hi all,

I'm 23 weeks pregnant with first baby and just starting to look at what we need for baby arrival!

The snuzpod and chicco range seem to be the popular hotshots online. (Though if I'm honest I'm not that keen on either design!) I'd prefer a more retro style mini bedside cot (thinking wooden bars) ideally but there seems to be little available in this kind of style.

Is either of the above worth getting? Or are you better off with a Moses basket by the bed?


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astridforty Tue 10-Nov-20 19:44:57

We had a next2me which worked well, equally I’ve read lots of comments on here about babies refusing them and them being used as bedside tables. DS2 was a 10lb baby and by 6/7 months he’d grown out of the next2me.

It’s a bit of a punt basically, I’m not generally a second hand shopper for baby equipment and in this case I’d say maybe we should have done as it’s such a big chunk of cash for a short period.

Carrotcakey Tue 10-Nov-20 19:47:19

I have a big age gap and they weren’t around with my oldest. With my youngest it was so much easier for the night feeds and not having to lift them all the way out. Especially if breastfeeding.

I loved mine, I brought secondhand and got a new mattress. Although I probably wouldn’t for my pfb!

RockCrushesLizard Tue 10-Nov-20 20:02:33

I have this one, from Amazon.
I'm now using it for my third baby, and it's ace. Can be used with its fourth side or without, lots of height settings to get it just right, lasted until about 9 months.

ThatDreamSheep Tue 10-Nov-20 20:17:17

I would say honestly it doesn't matter what it looks like. The Next to Me worked really well for us and allowed me to breastfeed my daughter through the night. It's bigger than a Moses so allows them to be closer to you for longer.

Sarahlouise86 Tue 10-Nov-20 22:14:18

I have a snuzpod and I love it. We had a Moses basket as well but for some reason LO did not like it and wouldn't sleep in it. No issues with the snuzpod though 😊

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