Travel cot or cot recommendations please!!

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Sarahlouise86 Tue 10-Nov-20 19:26:53

I'm going back to work in January and my mother in law will be looking after my 6 month old full time for us.

He naps pretty well at the moment in his bedside crib but I want to get him something for her house so he doesn't end up napping on her or in the pram. I was thinking a travel cot might be a good idea as her house isn't massive so at least it can fold up. Does anyone have any recommendations for one please? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance 😊😊

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Elle8999 Tue 10-Nov-20 20:17:58

My mum got a Hauck pack and play for when we stay at hers and it’s great! Wasn’t expensive, pretty easy to set up once you’ve done it a couple times and will grow with them. However you’ll need to get an extra mattress as the one it comes with is comically hard and like a flappy piece of plastic! We got a foam mattress to fit inside it and son sleeps amazingly in it. Good luck! Xx

Sarahlouise86 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:23:44

Thanks for the reply. I've had a look and it looks great, and a lot cheaper than I was expecting even if I have to get a new mattress for it 🙌

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