Suddenly crying when put in cot

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Sunshine124 Tue 10-Nov-20 12:47:34

Hi all wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any advice. My son is just coming up to 13 months. He was an awful sleeper until he was 8 months and moved his own room. He then started going down without fuss and sleeping through to 5 (lucky me). Anyway in the last 3 weeks he has started screaming when we put him in his cot- sometimes this will last a minute or two then he will stop and go to sleep, other times it will escalate and eventually after cuddles etc he will settle. I thought it would pass but it isn’t and seems to be getting worse. Has anyone experienced this?
We have a good solid bedtime routine, he naps well once asleep (2-2.5 hours a day) but does the same screaming thing before going to sleep, he gets about 12-14 hours sleep in a 24 hour cycle. He is a bit slower on the development side and this has coincided with him learning to pull to stand and starting to step along when holding furniture. I just don’t know why he cries the instant he is put in his cot- I know if I leave the room he will stop after a minute 90% of the time but I hate the feeling of him crying before going to sleep.

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