Sleep training at 15 months?! Help?!

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PCJ1713 Tue 10-Nov-20 09:17:58

Hi all. Would really appreciate any advice on this!

My little girl is super intelligent, really bright but an absolutely awful sleeper. We shelled out on a sleep consultant when she went through the 5 month sleep regression but it didn’t work for long and I’m loathe to do it again.

We’ve got to the stage where she wants to be held constantly and every time you put her down after 30 mins she’s awake again. This is in stark contrast to her naps where she’s absolutely perfect and goes straight to sleep with no issues, remaining so generally for about 2 hours. Admittedly, I’ve gotten into bad habits especially as I’ve returned to work by bringing her into our bed as I’m just too exhausted and know I’ve a whole days work ahead of me. That being said I recognise I need to do something about this as I can’t continue down this path and she needs good quality sleep.

I’m not a fan of harsh Ferber type routes as they don’t mesh well with her personality and when we did try it, she was a sweaty mess who then took hours to relax. I’d prefer something more gentle but would also value opinions on how best to work with a baby who really needs emotional care/support.

Any advice/success stories are massively welcomed.

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